Product Review: Elix Cycle Balance

Heal your period symptoms holistically

I’ve dealt with painful periods for as long as I can remember. So, when I came across an ad for Elix, I decided to check them out. Elix is a monthly subscription company founded by Lulu Ge. Her mission was to organically and holistically tackle the pervasive symptoms that many women face due to their periods. Backed by a medical advisory team, knowledge of Chinese medicine and women’s health, Lulu was able to create a formula called, Cycle Balance. This elixir could potentially change a woman’s experience during that dreaded time of the month and provide relief in ways that “normal” methods have failed to do.

Assessments pin-point imbalances

The cost for the monthly subscription service is $48.00 plus tax and you can pause and resume the shipment whenever you need to. To get the right formula for your body, you are asked to take a free health assessment and submit a current picture of your tongue. This is important because in Chinese medicine, the tongue can provide insight to our internal bodily functions. When you combine that information with the answers from the health assessment, the people at Elix are able to create a tailored tincture infused with Chinese herbs that can be shipped to your home every month.

Take your elixir regularly

The custom herbal blend comes in a small bottle with a dropper top. The instructions are found on the side of the bottle and it is recommended that you take six full dosage amounts (full squeezes) two times a day for the five to seven days leading up to your period. The ingredients used for each tincture are 100% organically and ethically sourced as well as listed for reference in each shipment. With that being said, the taste of the formula can be a bit strong (at least it was for me) but you can add your mixture to tea or water as an alternative to taking the elixir straight from the bottle.

I took my herbal blend right as I woke up to start the day and right before I went to sleep so that I wouldn’t forget. Having a routine was important and I was able to finish the entire bottle in 5 days.

"According to the Elix website, 93% of women who have taken the Cycle Balance formula have seen results after 3 months but the changes in my period started during month two."

Results can happen at any time

According to the Elix website, 93% of women who have taken the Cycle Balance formula have seen results after 3 months but the changes in my period started during month two. The first noticeable result was that the length of my period was shortened. This was a great result because at times my period would last up to 8 days. The second result that developed was that the intensity of my cramps lessened. Lower abdomen cramps are incredibly painful so any relief in that department was a welcomed one. The last result, so far, is that my fatigue is not as overpowering which allows me to be more productive during my time of the month.

Monthly check-ins are important

After every cycle, Elix suggests that you take an updated assessment on their website to fine-tune your formula. I’ve found this helpful because when I notice an improvement on certain symptoms, it allows me to focus on other areas that still need work. All answers provided also assist with the addition of better suited Chinese herbs which hopefully continue to alleviate symptoms.  I am currently on month 4 of my Cycle Balance journey and I am very curious to see where I will be by the end of the year.

Support within the Elix community

Taking these custom Chinese herbs has been a game changer for me. The added bonus to this experience is the support created by the Elix community. This community has connected me to stories of women dealing with similar monthly period obstacles. In addition to this, there are guest speakers who take their knowledge on the subject and provide more information on how to navigate the very stressful issue of all things period related. 

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