Product Review: My Herbal Box

An online apothecary

If you are interested in herbal wellness then My Herbal Box may be right for you. This women-run online space connects apothecaries from all over the United States. They showcase a variety of organic products as well as implement sustainable harvesting of their herbs. Each product on their website not only comes with a description of the item but also how the contents of the product can be beneficial to your body. The best way to fully benefit from My Herbal Box is to try out one of their wellness kits.

Curated gift boxes for wellness

The wellness kits are uniquely curated gift boxes that consist of natural and non-toxic items meant to assist in your wellness needs. I wanted a kit that contained items meant for stress relief, so I chose the Serenity Now Kit. The items and price may change and update from kit to kit, but my wellness kit cost $59.99 and came with 4 stress relieving aides.

Adaptogens for stress

The first item in my kit was a plant powder called, “Tulsi Stress Soother” by Wooden Spoon Herbs. Tulsi is often described as a strong adaptogen. Adaptogens are said to help improve your body’s stress response. With the included ingredients of ashwagandha and oatstraw, The Tulsi Stress Soother can be a way to help your body normalize when confronted with daily stressors. Using this powder is pretty simple. All that is required is mixing into food or beverage with just a teaspoon as the daily serving size. I would suggest thoroughly blending your powder unless you prefer a gritty textured taste. While I have yet to see any significant results, this is a product that could be beneficial with consecutive use over time.

A sleepy-time tincture

The second item in my box was another product by Wooden Spoon Herbs called, “Sweet Dreams”. This tincture will help you drift off into a deep and restful slumber. With ingredients like valerian root, skullcap and passionflower, Sweet Dreams is made with a mixture that can possibly help with mild anxiety that can cause sleepless nights. It is suggested to take a few drops 15 minutes before you plan on going to bed to prep your body for rest. Five drops was enough to put me to sleep and has continued to be effective after every use. I enjoy waking up feeling refreshed and not sluggish or groggy.

"The wellness kits are uniquely curated gift boxes that consist of natural and non-toxic items meant to assist in your wellness needs."

Roll-on aromatherapy

The third item in my Serenity Now Kit was a roll-on aromatherapy oil by Mr. B’s Necessities called, “Calm/Sleep”. A small amount goes a long way and the areas where you apply the oil is along your temples, the back of your neck and your chest. The lovely aroma that will overtake your senses is a blend of lavender, orange, almond oil, jojoba oil and spruce. Since the scents instantly put you in relaxation mode, applying the oil right when you get home is a nice way to decompress from your day. I enjoy the convenience of the roll-on oil and I like to apply a small amount when I need a quick moment of calm.

Chill-out tea

The last item in my kit was an organic loose leaf tea blend called, “Chill Out”. This product is made by My Herbal Box and it was my favorite item out of the four that I received. To make the tea, all you need is two teaspoons of the loose leaf to steep in 8 oz of covered hot water. After it has steeped for 5 minutes, it is good to go and ready for you to enjoy. I like to add a bit of sugar to the blend to compliment the floral notes of the tea (it’s very tasty). One cup is all you will need to enjoy a gentle wind down until you fall asleep.

Pay it forward 

My Herbal Box has many amazing products that can become important staples in your self-care routine. With each purchase, 10% of their sales are donated to groups that support environmental and sustainable methods. This creates more opportunities for organizations to produce quality and natural products without harming the environment.

Be sure to check out My Herbal Box and elevate your calm by purchasing any of their wellness kits 

*Please be sure to consult your physician when taking any new supplements.
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