Service Review: Energy Muse Showroom

All things calm

If you are looking for a calming place to elevate your spirit, the Energy Muse Showroom may be the place for you. Located in the city of Torrance, California, this shop has everything from healing stones, to candles, jewelry and so much more. My favorite thing about this shop is how I feel when leaving and a great way to take advantage of the calm energy is to stay a while and make a bracelet.

Let your intuition guide you

To get started, you simply ask the lovely people working at the shop for a piece of string to make your bracelet. This string is the base for your band so make sure that you are comfortable with the length and fit. To help you make the best choice when selecting your beads for your bracelet, a note card is supplied with information on healing properties. There isn’t a time limit on this activity so you’re able to hone in on the best stones suited for you. Once you have chosen the pieces to put on your bracelet, you can begin to string them together.

"There is meditative music playing throughout the space and lovely smells that fill the air which enhance your experience."

A relaxation zone

There is a dedicated area in the middle of the store where you can sit and assemble your pieces. The stringing process is the most calming part of this activity because of the relaxed environment of the store. There is meditative music playing throughout the space and lovely smells that fill the air which enhance your experience. When you are finished with stringing your beads, the bracelet is tied for you. You can add a charm to close your bracelet or leave it as is. If you feel the bracelet is too snug or too loose, they will re-tie the string for you so that you have a comfortable fit. The final touches involve the saging of the bracelet which is a lovely way to start off fresh with good intentions and positive energy.

A tangible reminder

I had the opportunity to make a bracelet at Energy Muse and I wear it almost every day. I’ve labeled it my “calming bracelet” because of how serene I feel when wearing it. If you would like to experience what this shop has to offer, be sure to call ahead and see what their showroom hours currently are. At the very least, I can promise that you will walk out of the store with a great piece of jewelry and an incredible sense of relaxation.

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