Service Review: The Riviera Health Spa

A Korean style pamper experience

The Riviera Health Spa is a Korean health facility that promotes interesting methods that will “renew, refresh and relax” you. There are many services offered here that include deep tissue massage, a beauty salon, exercise machines and more. The steam and sauna rooms sparked my interest and the benefits of relaxation and detoxification were a welcomed bonus.

A squeaky clean health spa facility

Since my main focus were the sauna rooms, I went with a regular facility admission which was $25.00. Lockers are separated by gender and it is here where you are asked to change into required spa clothes which were a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. To avoid bringing in outside dirt, I was also asked to leave my shoes and socks in the locker room and walk the facility barefoot. They take cleanliness very seriously here. Everything is checked and disinfected.

*I should also mention that this Korean spa requires people to go nude when using the pool areas which are included in the regular admission fee.

The clay room

My day at the Riviera Health Spa was spent on the coed floor which contained all of the steam facilities. I decided to start in the “Clay Room” which was 130 degrees. Prior to entering, you are advised to drink plenty of water to protect yourself from the high heat of the sauna. Since these rooms are for relaxation, you can either sit or lay down on the floor. The entire space is filled with mud which is said to help eliminate toxins from your body and assist with better breathing. I chose to lay down and waited for my body to adjust to the surroundings. The temperature proved to be too much for me and I was only able to enjoy 10 minutes amongst the clay. My skin felt soft almost immediately after leaving the sauna which convinced me to try this room again on my next visit.

"My skin felt soft almost immediately after leaving the sauna which convinced me to try this room again on my next visit."

The jade room

I continued to the next space which was the “Jade Room”. This sauna was beautifully decorated in gorgeous pieces of jade and stone. The exquisite rock patterns along the wall and ceiling were an added delight to my experience. I felt very at ease and lasted longer here despite the 135 degree temperature. The aesthetic of the space alone could help calm your mind and bring you to a great place of relaxation.

The salt room

My next stop in the Riviera Health Spa was the “Salt Room”. This sauna was the hottest in temperature at 136 degrees. Salt rocks completely covered the floor and ceiling which again added to the ambience. The walls were lined with brick and in the corner of the room were large pieces of salt rock. This space was made to clear pores and improve skin conditions. I was unable to stay in this sauna due to the intensity of the heat but I do hope to try it out again on my next visit.

The cold room

The last space that I explored was 65 degrees and properly named the “Cold Room”. This space, which turned out to be my favorite, had walls and seating areas covered in white marble. I enjoyed laying down on the icy benches while staring at the white stones on the ceiling. The benefits for this room were said to help with wrinkles and elasticity in the skin. Since the first three spaces were steam rooms, the cold room was suggested as your last experience to cool you down. My body took to this room right away and I enjoyed how loose my joints felt.

Take a friend for a self-care day

The Riviera Health Spa was a wonderful place to explore and the time that I spent there left me feeling relaxed. I hope to go back and seek out the various treatments that are offered. If you are interested in visiting this facility make sure to check out the saunas and see if they help elevate your calm.

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