Product Review: Peace Love Rally

Magnesium based recovery balms

What do you get when you mix a love of mother nature and restoratives? The answer is best found in the products by the company known as Peace Love Rally. They’ve formulated 3 magnesium based recovery balms using all natural ingredients. Topically applied via rollerball applicator, these products were created to help with quick and long lasting pain relief. I was curious to see if I could benefit from any of their products so I purchased all 3 balms.

Soothing botanicals for sensitive skin

Essential Calm was the first recovery balm that I tried out. This product is made for those with skin sensitivity who are in need of relief from stressed muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is scent free and contains aloe for a soothing experience. I used Essential Calm on my knee to help relieve tension that I experience in this area. The application of the product took a few seconds and once Essential Calm dried down (it goes on wet), the tension in my knee was less noticeable. While it did not completely rid me of the aching caused by the tension, it did so enough to where I was comfortable. Overall, I found this recovery balm helpful and would use again on light aches. A plus for Essential Calm is that the soothing botanicals left my skin feeling soft after using.

Cooling essential oils 

The next product that I tried from Peace Love Rally is called Chill Reaction. This recovery balm was created to reduce and prevent muscle cramps and tightness. I struggle with restless legs on a regular basis, so I decided to try Chill Reaction on my legs. After applying, I could slowly start to feel my legs relaxing and the dull aches start to subside. Much of this had to do with the magnesium (which reduces inflammation) mixing with the cooling and warming sensations provided by the essential oils of wintergreen, blue tansy and ylang ylang. The duality of hot and cold really work into your skin and smooth away the pain.

I’m also prone to leg cramps at night, so I would apply Chill Reaction to my calves right before bed as a preventative measure. So far, it has worked well in that area and I continue to use this recovery balm exclusively on my legs.

"The duality of hot and cold really work into your skin and smooth away the pain."

An anti-inflammatory cheat code

Deep Therapy was the last recovery balm of the 3 that I tried out. This product turned out to be my favorite out of the trio. Deep Therapy contains methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, which is helpful in cellular repair. It also contains Arnica which is helpful with pain, swelling and inflammation. Combine this with the added scents of tonka and peppermint, and you’ve got a power house of relief waiting for you. I chose to use Deep Therapy on my toes and ankles to help relieve residual pain from old injuries. When the balm was applied, I felt Deep Therapy kick in almost right away. What added to my relief were the scents of tonka and peppermint which created an overall relaxing experience. Since I have continuously used Deep Therapy on my feet, I have noticed less painful flare ups of discomfort. 

They sell out fast!

If you are interested in trying the recovery balms from Peace Love Rally, they are finally back in stock (they are very popular) and are priced at $28.00 each. You can also order the bundle which includes all 3 balms for $75.00. I would highly suggest purchasing the trio so you can get a feel for each one. Make sure to scoop them up before they sell out again.


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