Product Review: The Sivan Mat

Stress is hard on the body

One of the hardest parts of dealing with stress is taking on the physical manifestations that come along with it. Back pain, for example, is a huge indicator that my stress levels are too high. Because of this recurring problem, I decided to find an acupressure mat to hopefully alleviate my aches and pains. Though there are many different versions of mats that provide pressure to your body, the Sivan mat and pillow set best fit the desired criteria that I was searching for in terms of back pain relief.

A Swedish acupressure mat

The Sivan mat and pillow set can be found on Amazon for $25.99 and is eligible for Amazon Prime (who doesn’t love free shipping?). This product is a lightweight Swedish design that is eco-friendly and easy to store (which means it is simple to carry and use at a moment’s notice). An interesting feature on this set, are the 8,820 plastic non-toxic stimulation points. Each point is deliberately positioned to help relax different areas of a person’s back when lying flat on the mat. In addition to this, you also have the option of sitting in a chair or standing and using the pillow on your feet to ease any discomfort you may have. Further possible benefits include help with neck discomfort, muscle tension and even blood circulation. Also, an increase in energy levels and an increase release of endorphins can possibly be achieved after use.

Instant back relief

I purchased the black design and received it in two days (Amazon Prime for the win!). My order came with easy to use instructions and I quickly set up the mat and pillow on my bedroom floor. To begin, I slowly laid my body down with my back on the acupressure points. The instructions suggest for new users to do 10 minute intervals to build your tolerance. Next, I set a timer for the required time and closed my eyes. At first, the acupressure points felt strange but after a few minutes, I started to feel a warm tingling sensation on my lower back area. This was an indication that my body was loosening up. Once my timer sounded off at the 10 minute mark, I slowly sat up and stretched. I immediately felt relief all throughout my back.

"Each acupressure point is deliberately positioned to help relax different areas of a person's back when lying flat on the mat."

A variety of sensations

After many uses, I decided to experience the mat with bare skin. Following the instructions as previously suggested, I lay my back, without a barrier, down on the mat. The difference here compared to before was that I only lasted a few seconds until I had to sit up. The stimulation of the acupressure points can be intense, especially if you have skin sensitivity (which I tend to have). Personally, I did not find my bare skin on the mat that comfortable and chose to continue to use the set with a light barrier. 

Reset your body & your mind

Besides using this product at home, I’ve taken my trusty mat to work with me! It works best when I get stressed out and need to reset my achy back. The size and weight is perfect for effortless transport and is a great pick-me-up during long work days. I’ve even used this mat as a way to meditate during my lunch breaks when I need an extra boost of calming relief.

All in all, this mat and pillow set by Sivan has been a great tool for me. I have less soreness in my back when I wake up in the mornings and after every use I feel recharged and ready to go.

If you would like to check out this product, click here and get ready to enjoy the many benefits of the Sivan acupressure mat.

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