Service Review: 29Rooms

Elevate all of your senses 

I had the chance to try out 29Rooms which is a multi sensory experience created by Refinery29. This event attracts people looking for eccentric ways to have their senses elevated through special immersive environments. Due to its popularity, 29Rooms has toured parts of the US for the last 4 years. Once I learned that it was coming back to Los Angeles, I purchased tickets right away. 

The price for a ticket was $25 plus tax coupled with a generous 3 hour time limit. Once inside, you could participate in different curated rooms themed by a variety of artists and influencers. Each set up allowed the participant to strip away outside noise and only focus on what the energy of the room projected. The best example of this was a room curated by Bri Luna, the founder of The Hoodwitch.

Meditate in a witchy cave room

The Hoodwitch is a brand that promotes self care, healing, mystical modern magic and more. This room was split into two different decorative sections. On the left side of the room was a mounted triangle altar covered in healing crystals. Underneath this, was a table with a beautiful crystal ball and two giant stones. The right side of the room, on the other hand, had a mounted black circle that was decorated with astrological signs and large pebble shaped pillows. As you entered the space, positive words of affirmation filled the room via recording by Bri Luna. The space made you feel like you were walking into a magical cave of serenity. Upon entering, you were also encouraged to sit and meditate by focusing on the calm energy. For me, this resulted in feeling light and empowered.

"The space made you feel like you were walking into a magical cave of serenity."

Learn the art of palm reading

Another stand out at 29Rooms was the “Blind Date With Destiny” room. The theme was based on the ancient art of Palmistry or palm reading. It required the participant to release themselves into the guidance of a stranger. Your guide would then read the lines on your dominant hand to foretell your future.

To begin, you were ushered into a dimly lit room with a row of chairs. Next, you were to clear your mind and place your hand through an opening. Your guide would then use an instrument to trace the lines of your palm. They would then draw symbols onto your wrist to interpret the emanating characteristics revealed in your reading. After this was completed, you were then asked to reciprocate the same ritual to your guide. I found this reversal role to be fascinating and I enjoyed the challenge of discovering the cosmic destiny for another person. The method of releasing yourself into someone else’s hands was refreshing. I appreciated this room for allowing me to give up control and go with the flow of the experience.

One of a kind attraction

The unconventional aspect of 29Rooms is what attracted me to this event and the benefits that I received from each room were an added delight. 29Rooms is still touring select cities in the US so take a chance on this innovative adventure and explore the possibilities.

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